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Can home carers assist with transportation to appointments or errands?

If you or your loved one are having difficulties getting out and about, you may be looking for home care services that offer help with transportation. Whether that’s help getting to appointments or assistance to run errands, like getting your shopping or collecting your prescriptions, home carers can help provide support and reassurance with transportation.

In this guide, we explore exactly how home carers can assist with transportation to give you the support and confidence to continue being an active member of the community in the area you love.

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Discover how home care assistance with transportation can help you

Home carers can assist with transportation to ensure that you or your loved one can attend essential healthcare appointments, get your grocery shopping, visit friends or maintain other appointments that might be important to you, like a hairdresser’s appointment or attending a local community group.

Getting help with transport to medical appointments, such as hospital appointments, GP checkups, or physical therapy, is essential to your health and well-being. Missing appointments due to a lack of transport or support with transport can lead to delays in care, improper medication management, and a decline in overall health.

Help with transport can be particularly beneficial to people who are living with a chronic condition and need regular monitoring, who have mobility issues or cognitive impairments, like dementia, which can make navigating transport alone difficult.

Continuing to get out and about in your local area and feel like part of the community can also be important to maintaining a sense of independence, reducing social isolation and improving your quality of life. Whether that is helping you to walk to your local shop to pick up some milk or a bus ride to the nearby community centre to take part in a group activity, home carers can be on hand to provide reassurance and give you the confidence to continue getting out in the area you call home.

Home carers can help with transport to a range of appointments, venues and activities, such as:

  • Healthcare or dental appointments
  • Visits to the hairdressers or barbers
  • Your local shops or market for groceries
  • A department store for clothing or gifts
  • The pharmacy
  • Local community groups
  • The theatre or cinema
  • A local park
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What support with transportation do home carers offer?

The support our home carers provide for transportation depends on your circumstances, needs, and preferences. For example, if you have family living nearby who can help you get to medical appointments, you may need some support with more day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping. Or you may want help with all your transportation or prefer your carer to run errands on your behalf. Whatever your needs, we can provide reliable support to help you live life on your own terms.

At Cherished Home Care, our home carers can provide transportation in your own vehicle or by public transport, depending on whether you have a car available, your preferences, current mobility and needs.

Our fully trained home carers can also help give you the confidence to move around safely. This can involve assisting you with getting in and out of a vehicle, ensuring any mobility aids like a walking stick or walker are in place before you exit the vehicle, or transferring you to a wheelchair if needed. Once out and about, they can help by pushing your shopping trolley, carrying groceries or other purchases or pushing your wheelchair – if you use one.

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What are the benefits of home carers assisting with transportation?

There are multiple benefits to home carers assisting with transportation to appointments or errands, including:

  • Reliable support to attend medical appointments
  • Help with getting in and out of vehicles
  • Support with mobility aids like walkers and wheelchairs
  • Assistance with carrying shopping or other items
  • Reassurance of having someone with you
  • Reduced social isolation
  • Improved independence to get out and do the things you enjoy
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How can Cherished Home Care help with transportation?

At Cherished Home Care, we are committed to delivering high-quality care that enables you to remain as independent as possible while receiving the care you need to live well in the home you cherish. Whether you receive hourly visits or live-in care, our carers can help with transportation services to ensure you can continue to get out and about in the area you call home.

All our carers are fully trained and can provide comprehensive mobility support. No matter what your mobility needs, they can help with transportation in a way that suits you.

In addition, our carers understand that your needs may change over time and that living with certain conditions can impact your ability to get out safely alone, so we will work with you and your loved ones to ensure that the transportation support you receive is appropriate and safe.

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