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Social Care funding

At Cherished Home Care, we recognise the importance of planning your costs when arranging care. Whilst some families may need to cover their care expenses themselves, we wanted to bring your attention to the different funding options available to you and your loved one.

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A new local care service in Social Care Funding from leading home care provider, The Good Care Group

What is social care funding

Social care funding provides financial support that is aimed at helping people with certain needs. This could involve covering the total cost of care or contributing towards it. This financial assistance can be beneficial if you are growing older and have an ongoing health condition. For example, the funding can help pay for personal care tasks such as washing and dressing. Furthermore, it can support you in maintaining your independence and to continue doing the things that make you happy.

What is social care funding
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Social care funding in England

In England, social care funding will be managed by your local authorities and the National Healthcare Service (NHS). Whether you’re eligible will be determined by a combination of local authority assessments, national guidelines, and your personal circumstances. These will then be means-tested.

Means testing involves taking into consideration any regular income, savings, assets, and property to assess and determine their ability to contribute towards your healthcare costs.

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There are several steps involved when organising social care funding:

  1. Start by discussing your care needs with your local GP or health consultant. If they think you are eligible for health care funding, they will advise you to get in touch with the adult social services department or your local authority.
  2. The social services team will then schedule an assessment of your care needs and request a GP report to inform the process.
  3. A detailed report will be created to outline your care needs.
  4. Following the assessment, a means-test will be conducted to determine whether you can cover the cost of care. This test considers your savings, income, and assets.
  5. Depending on the outcome of your means test and how it aligns with national social funding thresholds, you will either be granted funding or you may not qualify for any financial assistance from the local authority.
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Social care funding options

In England, there are several social care funding options available to support you with your care needs. The table below outlines this in further detail: