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Planning and costs

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the right home care for your or a loved one, with cost being one of the many minefields that people uncover on their journey. At Cherished Home Care, we want to make these different options as simple and as straightforward as possible to navigate, so that you can make an informed decision about your care.

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A new local care service in Planning and costs from leading home care provider, The Good Care Group

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Costs of home care

Depending on your needs, home care costs can vary. Our visiting care is available from £29 per hour, whilst our live-in care is charged on a weekly basis from £1,095.

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Costs of live-in care

Fees for our live-in care services start at £1,095 per week and cover all aspects of your care including the organisation, delivery and management of your support.

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Funding options

You may be eligible for care cost support. There are a variety of options available from your local authority including social care funding and continuing health care (CHC) funding.

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Self-funding home care

To support self-funding home care, you may require a care fees annuity or an equity release. We work closely with legal advisors to ensure you receive the best support.

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Benefits entitlements

There are various benefits that you or your loved one could be eligible for when planning care. We recommend researching this as it could cover some if not all of your care costs.

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Care costs FAQs

If you are interested in finding out more information about the cost of home care, our most commonly asked questions may be able to answer any queries you have.

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Why choose Cherished Home Care

We are a brand-new home care provider based in London, offering local, bespoke care to you in your home. We may be new, but we have the expertise, knowledge and experience of ‘Outstanding’ care provider, The Good Care Group, who work closely with our Cherished team to provide high-quality care, support and carer training.

Local to you

A dedicated team of care managers and carers who know London and the local areas.

Carer matching

Carer matching

Carers matched to you in personality and care experience, so all of your needs are met.

Experts in care

Experts in care

A team of in-house clinicians including a registered nurse, occupational therapist and dementia expert.

Cost-effective care

Cost-effective care

Pay for the care you need when you require it with our market-leading rates.