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Home care costs

Given the significant role cost plays in the planning process of considering care, rest assured that at Cherished Home Care, our fees are transparent and have no hidden charges.

The information below will help you understand the different types of care available and the associated costs. This will help you determine whether home care is the right choice for you.

Our complimentary home care assessment will assess your needs and give you insight into the level and cost of care that you require.

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A new local care service in Home care costs from leading home care provider, The Good Care Group

Hourly care costs

Hourly care, also known as ‘visiting care’ or ‘domiciliary care’, offers you the flexibility and support to receive care on an hourly basis, all within the comfort of your own home. This means you can maintain your routine and continue enjoying daily activities such as gardening or walks in the park.

This type of care is billed according to the hours of service provided, with costs varying based on the level of care needed and services required, determined through a complimentary care assessment. Typically, the hourly rate decreases when receiving care for longer periods of time.

How much does Cherished Home Care hourly care cost?

Our hourly care rate starts from £29 per hour for a four-hour call, and rates are adjusted according to your specific care requirements.

As a thank you for choosing Cherished Home Care, we will reimburse your set-up fee after four weeks of receiving our support.

Hourly care costs
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Live-in care costs

Live-in care requires a carer living within your home to provide round-the-clock support from one of our experienced carers, while keeping your independence. Your live-in carer will be matched to you based on your needs and interests, providing comfort and a source of companionship that you can truly rely on.

How much does Cherished Home Care live-in care cost?

Cherished Home Care’s live-in care is charged weekly and starts from £1,095 for part-time care. The specific costs are tailored to the level of assistance required, which will be assessed by your local care manager during the free home care assessment.

Is home care more expensive than residential care?

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Funding options for home care

In the UK, various funding options are available to support you or your loved one in accessing home care services. Researching these options can be beneficial, potentially offering financial assistance to those in need. We recommend researching to see if you are eligible for any of the following options.

Local Authority Funding

Your local authority can provide adult social care funding. It is means tested, meaning it will take into consideration your income and savings. Unless you’re moving into a care home, this will not consider your property’s value.

The table shows how the means test is determined and the impact on the price you pay for care.

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NHS Continuing Healthcare

Healthcare funding involves the financial support extended by the government to the NHS for individuals requiring healthcare services. You might qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding if you require live-in care due to a long-term condition. This funding, facilitated by your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), covers the entire cost of your live-in care if approved.

Attendance Allowance

This funding aims to support individuals who are aged 65 and over who need assistance with personal care due to illness or disability. It’s a non-means-tested benefit, meaning eligibility isn’t determined by your income or savings. The amount you receive is based on your care needs, with a maximum of £92.40 per week.

Equity release

Equity funding allows homeowners aged 55 and above to access a portion or all of their property’s accrued value without having to sell or relocate. If you’re financing your own care, this option allows you to tap into equity in your home to cover expenses. It’s advisable to consult with a specialist before exploring this option.