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Improve your quality of life with our complex care services, supported by our in-house experts and provided by our professional carers.

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What is complex care?

Complex care, also known as ‘specialist care’, is provided to individuals living with complex health care conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke and end-of-life care.

Complex care extends beyond the usual routine of standard care, involving additional tasks and increased involvement from our team of healthcare professionals. Our dedicated team of experts work closely together to provide comprehensive support in managing various aspects of your condition.

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Why may I need complex care?

There are many reasons why someone may choose to receive complex care, such as:

companionship Long-term health conditions

If you are living with a long-term health condition such as advanced dementia, motor neurone disease or stroke recovery, complex care provides the support you need to live comfortably at home rather than moving into residential care.

dementiaPhysical disabilities

Physical disabilities needn’t limit your ability to lead a fulfilling life with independence. Our complex care services offer personalised support, ensuring that you can pursue your desired lifestyle while our dedicated care team monitors risks and supports your safety.

Medication schedule

Complex conditions such as Huntington’s disease and cancer involve consistent medications, with dosages that need to be taken at different times during the day and night. By having a carer on hand, they are able to track and support with administering medication as and when needed.

After surgery and injury

If you’re managing a complex condition and have undergone recent surgery, you’ll need support with pain management and medication administration to facilitate a safe recovery at home. Our carers will regularly monitor your health, helping to prevent infections and minimise the risk of hospital readmission.

Palliative care

Many people wish to remain in their own home surrounded by their loved ones when living with a life-limiting condition. Our high quality end-of-life care can provide you with effective management of your symptoms and psychological support.

Prevent hospital readmissions

Having to be readmitted to hospital can be daunting and stressful for family members. Complex care can provide ongoing monitoring and support to reduce visits to the hospital, enabling you to live a fulfilling life at home.

Complex care from Cherished

Our complex care services are overseen by a team of in-house clinicians with extensive medical expertise and years of experience. We prioritise ensuring that you receive the right level of care tailored to your needs, empowering you to live well with your condition while enjoying the comforts of home.

Cherished complex care packages are entirely personalised to you, offering flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs. With our complex care services, you’ll receive dedicated one-to-one support from a compassionate and skilled carer that aligns with your personal needs and preferences. Both you and your loved ones will feel confident knowing you’re receiving specialised care tailored to your condition while staying in the place you cherish the most: your home.

Training, supervision, coaching and mentoring is available to all our carers so that they can reach their full potential. Before they start their first placement, carers must attend our five-day induction programme to refresh their existing knowledge and develop their expertise further in a wide range of subject matters. For specific conditions such as advanced dementia, extra training will be provided to ensure that exceptional care is delivered to you, with confidence.

Your induction training

Over 66% of people said they would prefer to stay in their own home.

– The Live-in Care Hub, 2023

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Complex care tasks

At Cherished Home Care, our team undergoes specialist training that is developed by our clinical experts. This gives our carers the opportunity to undertake delegated healthcare tasks, ensuring that they are well-versed in specific responsibilities trained by our experienced clinicians, such as nurses, occupational therapists or physiotherapists. This targeted training provides confidence to our carers, enabling them to carry out these tasks with expertise and assurance. These responsibilities include:

  • Insulin administration
  • Catheter flushing
  • PEG feeding
  • Stoma and urostomy care
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Delivering rehabilitation programmes
  • Overseeing prescribed exercise plans

Our complex care experts

Our team of clinicians will work towards creating a personalised care plan tailored specifically to your needs to ensure bespoke care is delivered professionally and seamlessly.

Our Dementia Specialist, Dr Jane Pritchard, and our Occupational Therapist, Jackie Cooper, have over 50 years of combined experience and will work closely together to oversee and support you with your complex care needs. Their clinical skills and expertise are shared with all our carers when they attend our five-day induction training, enabling our care teams to deliver high-quality, specialist care from the place you cherish –  your home.

We believe that staying within the environment you feel safe, comfortable and protected holds a significant amount of importance for your physical and mental well-being. It also gives you the choice to decide how you receive your care and where.

Admiral Nurse, Dr Jane Pritchard

What does a complex carer do?

dementia Personal care

Support with washing, toileting and getting dressed, as well as maintaining nails, hair and overall appearance.

companionship Safe mobility

Ensuring you mobilise safely in and outside your home, managing any trip hazards and calling on the support of our in-house occupational therapist for expert advice.


Ensuring you always have a friendly face to talk to and to provide stimulating conversation and activities – whether that’s someone to visit the shops with or to discuss your interests.

Medication support

Assisting with medication administration, which is recorded on a digital platform and closely monitored by your care team.

Household tasks

Light housework, including vacuuming, laundry, cleaning the dishes, dusting and watering your plants, so that you can relax and enjoy being in your home.

Pet care

Our services extend to caring for your beloved pets, ensuring they receive their daily walks, plenty of cuddles, and proper feeding and hydration.

Food prep & cooking

Our carers are happy to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for you, but if you prefer to be involved in the cooking process, they’ll provide as much or little assistance as you require.

Social trips

Keeping you in touch with your local community, our carers can help you get out and about to see friends, attend social groups or simply go for a coffee and cake at your local café.

Complex care tasks

Overseen by our clinical experts, our carers can perform more complex care tasks, including assisting with PEG feeding, stoma care and blood sugar monitoring.

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Complex care from Cherished Home Care

Live-in Care

Live-in Care

24-hour care at home

Complex live-in care is a specialist service where one of our carers will live within your home for a set period of time. This type of care is delivered around-the-clock to offer you assistance with complex health conditions such as advanced dementia, mobility and frailty and Parkinson’s. As this is 24-hour care, our carers will help to support you on a rotating basis to ensure you are taken care of at all times.

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Respite Care

Temporary care for you

Short-term care is delivered temporarily by a live-in or hourly carer. This option is suitable if you have recently been discharged from hospital or are being taken care of by a family caregiver. This will allow your primary carer to take a break from their duties so that they return rested and recharged ready to continue supporting you.

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Hourly Care

Quality care by the hour

Complex hourly care is support that can be provided on an hourly basis for needs such as administering medication, personal care and running errands. This service starts from as little as one hour per day, three times a week depending on your circumstances. It could be that you or your loved one requires an hourly carer to assist during the night whilst your primary carer supports you throughout the day. Whatever your choice, this flexible option is available to meet your wishes.

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Palliative Care

End-of-life support at home

Palliative care, also referred to as ‘end-of-life care’, is arranged when you are nearing the end of your life and require extra assistance with managing physical conditions whilst receiving psychological support. This form of care is beneficial as you have the choice to remain in the familiarity of your own home, surrounded by friends and family whilst having your symptoms managed by a member of our team.

Costs of complex care

The cost of care can vary depending on the service you require, which will be determined when you have a free care assessment. It is important to note that live-in care is typically in line with, if not more cost-effective, than moving into a residential home. Added benefits of our services include, continuity of care from one of our trained professionals within the comfort of your home, surrounded by the many memories you cherish.

We offer two types of services, live-in care starting from £1,445 per week, or hourly care which starts from £29 per hour. As a thank you, we refund your start-up fee after four weeks of service.

Whatever option best suits your needs, our prices are always straightforward and transparent with no hidden fees.

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Live-in care costs are comparable, if not cheaper, than residential care – which can cost up to £2,500 per week

The Live-in Care Hub 2023

How to arrange complex care

1. Speak to us

Get in touch with our friendly care advisors today 0203 728 7572, and they will be able to answer all of your questions to help you make the right choice.

2. Free home care assessment

Our team can arrange a free home care assessment with your local care manager, where they can meet with you and assess your needs and requirements in detail.

3. Care begins

Meet your carers and begin your journey with Cherished Home Care. With minimal carer changes, you’ll soon be acquainted.

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