Companionship care

Our companionship services offer the expertise of our experienced caregivers who attend your home, providing continuous companionship, care and support. This arrangement will enable you to maintain a high quality of life, empowering autonomy and dignity.

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What is companionship care?

Companionship care is a form of caregiving centred around offering emotional support, companionship, and aid with daily activities, all aimed at enhancing your self-esteem and overall mental well-being.

Home care goes beyond just addressing your physical needs, as a live-in companion can help with engaging conversation, playing games and going for walks to your favourite park. Continuing to pursue your favourite hobbies and activities can boost your confidence and enhance happiness.

While our carers assist with tasks like preparing your favourite meals or light housekeeping, their primary focus remains on providing friendship and encouragement, facilitating your ability to lead an independent and fulfilling life.

If you or your loved one is experiencing loneliness, our companion care services can deliver numerous benefits and emotional support, improving your wellbeing within the comfort and familiarity of your home.

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A trusted companion for the elderly

According to Age UK, the amount of people that experience loneliness is 1.4 million, making it a growing issue in society today. There are many reasons why people can feel lonely, it could be due to losing a lifelong spouse or partner, a situation often accompanied by feelings of loneliness and isolation due to bereavement. Moreover, geographic distance from loved ones increase these emotions, as you are unable to see them as frequent to maintain social connections.

Even if your care needs are minimal, elderly companionship presents many benefits. Our carers offer more than just practical assistance; they serve as a companion, who reduce feelings of isolation by engaging in activities that you enjoy and foster regular social interactions.

By forming a bond with one of our carers, you gain a trusted friend who supports you in leading a happy, fulfilling life right from the comfort of your own home.

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What can your companion carer help with?

A companionship carer can support with:

 Pet care

Everything from taking your pooch for their daily walk, cuddles and fuss, to keeping them fed and watered and keeping their homes clean, too.

Light housekeeping

Receive assistance with light household chores such as washing, tidying up and maintaining a clean and comfortable living environment.

companionship Recreational activities

Continue the fun activities you enjoy such as, playing games, puzzles, and engaging in the hobbies and interests with our carers.

Food prep & cooking

Share and cook your favourite meals with one of our home care companions to ensure your cooking and dietary needs are met.

 General frailtySocial trips

You will be accompanied to social outings, events or appointments to encourage social engagement.

 Complex conditionsEmotional support

Our carers can provide companionship and engage in conversation to minimise feelings of loneliness and isolation

Home care is a direct alternative to residential care without the upheaval of leaving your home

Companionship care from Cherished Home Care

Experts in care

Experts in home care

Brought to you by the same ‘Outstanding’ CQC-rated team behind The Good Care Group, including a specialist team of clinicians.

Industry-leading training

Industry-leading training

Our training programme is created by our in-house clinicians and experts – the same training developed by The Good Care Group.

Outcomes focused

Care that changes with you

We have different levels of care that can be adapted around your health needs and requirements as they change, ensuring your care is always person-centred.

Continuity of care

Continuity of care

Providing a great place to work for our carers means they stay with us for longer, resulting in you being able to have the same carers with minimal disruption.

Over 66% of people said they would prefer to stay in their own home.

– The Live-in Care Hub, 2023

Different types of companionship care

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Live-in Care

Round-the-clock companionship

Our experienced carers can be a live-in companion, where they will reside within your home, providing you with unrivalled round-the-clock support. This option is particularly suited for those that are experiencing extreme loneliness, but also require assistance with medical needs.

In comparison to hourly care, live-in care offers continuous support that gives you and your loved ones peace of mind that you will receive assistance and companionship whenever required.

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Hourly Care

Quality care by the hour

Our hourly companionship care offers flexibility, allowing you to schedule visits from as little as one hour per day, three times a week. Utilising our companionship care services allows time for you to engage in social activities, explore the outdoors and to have your favourite meals cooked.

This cost-effective option can address your preferences, well-being and low care needs whilst incorporating a variety of tasks during each care visit.

Costs of companionship care

The cost of hourly companionship care starts at £29 per hour, while live-in companionship care begins at £1,095 per week. The price will be determined by your specific care needs and the level of companionship desired, a detail that will be discussed and confirmed by your local care manager during our complimentary home care assessment.

As a thank you, we will also refund your setup fee straight back to you after four weeks of receiving our support.

For couples, live-in care has proven to be the financially wiser choice than care homes and in some cases domiciliary care. This is because a small additional fee is added for the other individual, instead of paying for two rooms in a residential care setting.

If you are interested in getting in touch with us, you can speak to one of our friendly care advisors by calling the number below, they will support you in answering your questions.

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Your Cherished care journey

1. Speak to us

Get in touch with our friendly care advisors today 0203 728 7572, and they will be able to answer all of your questions to help you make the right choice.

2. Free home care assessment

Our team can arrange a free home care assessment with your local care manager, where they can meet with you and assess your needs and requirements in detail.

3. Care begins

Meet your carers and begin your journey with Cherished Home Care. With minimal carer changes, you’ll soon be acquainted.