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Learn how to change your home care provider

If you are receiving home care but have recently had a change in circumstance or feel the care is not meeting your needs, you may be considering changing home care providers.

In this guide, we explore the process of changing or adjusting your home care provider to help make the process run smoothly.

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Why consider changing home care providers?

Home care is designed to provide you with the support and care you need to live safely and comfortably at home. Receiving home care is an incredibly personal journey and the care you receive should be tailored to your needs.

But whatever your requirements, allowing carers into your home to provide support with things like personal care, medication management, and daily tasks requires you to trust and build a relationship with the person caring for you. This doesn’t come overnight, so finding a home care provider who respects and values not just your care needs but also your personality, habits and hobbies and works with you to find carers who are suitable can help this process along.

It’s also important to remember that no matter what your care needs, you deserve a care provider who enables you to always feel safe and confident in your home. So, having control over who provides your care is incredibly important.

Unfortunately, there may be some circumstances when your home care provider is no longer able to support you in the way that is required and you may want to consider changing or adjusting home care providers.

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Reasons to switch your home care provider

Although home care providers will work hard to meet the needs of you or your loved one there may be reasons you wish to change provider. This could include:

  • Feeling that the care and support they offer does not fully meet yours or your loved one’s needs
  • Feeling dissatisfied with the care provided
  • Needing better continuity of care, with more consistent and familiar carers
  • Changes to your personal circumstances, such as moving home or a family member moving out

Whatever your circumstances, it may be best to speak to your current home care provider first to see if anything can be done to resolve the situation and prevent the stress and upheaval of changing home care providers. For example, if you are moving home, your current home care provider may still be able to provide support in your new home or recommend a provider.

However, in some situations, staying with the same home care provider may not be possible or may not be the best option. In these circumstances, you should always feel empowered to make the right choice to ensure you or your loved one receives the high standard of care they deserve.

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What to consider when changing home care providers?

Changing home care providers can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if other significant life events are happening at the same time, like moving house or managing a loved one’s declining health. However, when it comes down to it, there are five main questions you need to consider about the services of a new home care provider:

  1. Is it safe?
  2. Is it effective?
  3. Is it caring?
  4. Is it responsive to people’s needs?
  5. Is it well-led?

Answering yes to all of these questions is essential to ensuring that you feel confident in the home care services the provider offers.

However, some other factors you may wish to consider when looking to change home care providers include:

  • What support is available that I’m not currently receiving?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Does the home care provider deliver the specific care you need?
  • How does the home care provider communicate with your family and loved ones?
  • How often are allocated carers reviewed?
  • Does the local authority need to be made aware of the change? For example, if you receive funding to pay for part of your home care
  • Will another care assessment be needed? For example, if moving into a new local authority or if you require significantly more care
What to consider when changing home care providers?
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Ensuring continuity of care through the change in home care providers

If you plan on changing home care providers, you need to ensure that you have adequate care in place during the transition. If you are moving homes, this usually involves communicating your planned moving date with the new home care provider and ensuring care will start on this date.

However, if you are changing home care providers but remaining in your home, it may mean your existing provider continues to provide support until your new home care provider can take over. Or that a family member takes on the role of providing care for a short time until your new care provider can start.

Whatever your circumstances, the main thing is you continue to receive the care and support you need during the transition.

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Home care you can trust

At Cherished Home Care, we deliver high-quality, person-centred care that enables you to remain as independent as possible while receiving the care you need to live well in the home you cherish. This includes ensuring you are matched with suitable carers who can meet your care needs and have similar interests and hobbies right from the very beginning of your care journey.

All our carers are committed to improving the quality of life for those they care for by ensuring they receive the support they need to live well, whether through around-the-clock complex care, respite care, elderly care or companionship a few times per week through our hourly care.

What’s more, they understand and value the importance of your family and friends and will always work with key people in your life to ensure all your needs are met and communicated as per your wishes.

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Find a home carer local to you

If you are looking for a home carer local to you or your loved one, get in touch with Cherished Home Care. We offer local, bespoke care in your home and are committed to enabling you or your loved one to live well at home.

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