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Are home care services available 24/7?

If you are looking for home care that gives you the support to continue living independently in the home you cherish, 24/7 home care services could be the ideal solution. With live-in care, you get round-the-clock care for complete peace of mind that you always have support at hand.

Find out more about how 24/7 home care services could help you or your loved one live well and how live-in care compares to residential care.

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What are 24/7 home care services?

24/7 care services provide constant reassurance that someone is always there to provide reliable, consistent, and professional care to the highest standards. They are suitable for a range of people, from those wanting more companionship to those living with complex needs or those needing short-term 24/7 respite care to recover from a hospital stay or surgery.

With 24/7 home care services, you can benefit from a comprehensive range of home care services including:

  • Personal care – includes support with tasks like bathing, dressing and toileting
  • Mobility support – includes support with mobility, whether that’s assisted transfers or mobility aids
  • Condition-led care – this involves live-in carers providing care tailored to a specific condition, like Parkinson’s
  • Medication management – includes assisting with collecting, organising and administering medications
  • Housekeeping – includes assistance with light housework
  • Preparing meals – includes help preparing your favourite meals, drinks and snacks
  • Running errands – includes picking up prescriptions, buying newspapers or helping with things like mail
  • Friendly companionship – one of the biggest benefits of a live-in carer is having someone there 24/7 to talk to

What’s more, all services can be fully tailored to your bespoke needs, ensuring you get the care you need to live safely and comfortably in your home.

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Why should you consider 24/7 home care services?

If you are looking for around-the-clock support and reassurance at home, 24/7 home care services could be ideal. There are many specific reasons you may choose live-in care services, including:

  • Companionship – if you live alone, a 24/7 home carer can provide a valuable source of companionship, providing conversation and a friendly face
  • Advanced dementia – as dementia progresses, more support may be required to keep you or your loved one safe and well through the day and night
  • Palliative needs – if you live with a life-limiting condition, having the friendly face of a familiar carer to support you in living at home allows you to live on your terms
  • Family or loved ones not local – if friends, family and loved ones live further away and aren’t able to pop in regularly, our live-in carers can provide reliable round-the-clock support
  • Complex conditions – if you have a physical disability or have a health condition that requires specialist support, like PEG feeding or stoma care
  • Frailty – for support if you aren’t as mobile or find that it is getting harder to keep on top of household tasks day-to-day
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How do 24/7 home care services work?

With 24/7 home care services, a carer moves into your home and lives with you to ensure you always have the support you need. This is an alternative to moving into a care home or nursing home, enabling you to receive more bespoke care in the comfort of your own home.

At Cherished Home Care, our 24-hour care at home is provided by a team of live-in carers. Typically this involves a carer who will look after you during the day and another carer who will take over and look after you during the night. In addition, you may also have wraparound carers who provide support during live-in carers’ breaks, so you are never without the care and support you need.

Before support is assigned, we will take time to get to know more about you and your likes and dislikes to ensure you can continue to enjoy a meaningful life in the comfort of your home. This also helps us match you with the right live-in carers, who can not only meet your care needs but can also provide companionship as they have similar interests, likes and hobbies to you.

female carer and female client having a drink together out in the park
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How do 24/7 home care services compare to residential care

How do 24/7 home care services compare to residential care?

24/7 home care services can be an alternative to residential care as they enable you to continue living in the home you know and love. This saves you the stress of having to sell and move out of the home you cherish. In addition, you get the dedicated, one-to-one support of a carer who can assist you with every aspect of your daily life.

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What are the advantages of 24/7 home care services?

There are many advantages to 24-hour care, but arguably the most important is knowing you have support round-the-clock, no matter what time of day or night, and that everything is done on your terms.

Some other advantages of live-in 24/7 care include:

  • Supported independence – you get the bespoke support you need to retain your independence
  • Familiar surroundings – you can continue to live in the home you cherish and the area you are familiar with
  • Complex care support – your care needs can be met, no matter what existing conditions you may have
  • Care tailored to your needs – the care is designed around you, so can be adapted to suit your routine or preferences
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Learn how Cherished Home Care’s 24/7 home care services can help you

At Cherished Home Care, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality 24/7 home care services. All our carers are fully trained and carefully selected for their experience and empathy to ensure they can provide professional, reliable and reassuring care no matter what your needs.

We carefully match our live-in carers to suit your needs, interests, and personality. We understand how important it is for you to get along with the carers providing 24/7 support.

Find a home carer local to you

If you are looking for a home carer local to you or your loved one, get in touch with Cherished Home Care. We offer local, bespoke care in your home and are committed to enabling you or your loved one to live well at home.

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